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Wild Fire

Zenova Group PLC
Heat Management


Fire Services Group working in partnership with the ZENOVA Group PLC provide the latest technology. From Wild Fire Barrier, audible fire extinguishers, fire resistant paints, renders and fire suppression systems. Zenova products use the latest technology are non toxic and environmentally friendly, see below for all their products.

Zenova FX

Do all of your staff know which extinguisher to use for which fire?

  • Do they all know when to use a water extinguisher?

  • Do they all know when to use a CO2 extinguisher?

  • Do they all know when to use a foam extinguisher?

  • Do they all know when to use a dry powder extinguisher?

  • Do they all know when to use a wet chemical extinguisher?


    If they choose the wrong one, not only will it be ineffective in putting the fire out, thereby unnecessarily putting them in harm’s way, but it could actually make the fire far worse!

    The danger of the fire itself has suddenly morphed into a much larger potential liability issue with ill-trained employees causing more harm than good.

    Zenova is about to change all of this. Introducing Zenova FX, a fire extinguisher that is effective and safe to use on all types of fires, taking the guesswork out of tackling workplace fires. Independently tested and proven effective on all types of fires, Zenova FX comes in a range of sizes; 9L, 6L, and a convenient 600ml aerosol using bag-on-valve technology (which can be used at any angle in tight spaces). Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, the runoff from the use of Zenova FX, even in large quantities, will not adversely affect water systems it may unintentionally enter.


    Zenova FP

    Also known as thermofoaming paint or Intumescent Paint, ZENOVA FP is a fire-resistant water-based paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire. 

    As a result of being exposed to heat, the intumescent paint swells and creates a light char foam, increasing in volume and decreasing in density. The heat transfer from the flames to the substrate is thereby greatly diminished. Treated materials become isolated from elements that maintain fire combustion since the paint turns into an insulating protective membrane.


    Zenova WB

    Introducing Zenova WB, a wildfire barrier fluid (applied via spray wands or aerial drops), which provides a virtual barrier where fire simply will not burn. Repeated tests on a variety of extremely dry wildfire fuels (grasses, hays, brush) demonstrates the incredible fire resistance Zenova WB provides, while remaining viable after application for 30+ days in dry conditions.

    By creating an effective fire stop, ZENOVA WB provides essential property and personal protection for dwellings, buildings, people or wildlife that find themselves in harm’s way when these devastating fires happen.

    zenova WB

    Zenova IP

    ZENOVA IP thermal insulating paint embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer.

    ZENOVA IP saves energy by increasing the thermal insulation level in commercial and residential buildings. Solar heat can increase the temperature within a building by 75% to 90%.

    ZENOVA IP has been independently tested and validated to deflect, absorb and dissipate up to 75% of this heat, thereby reducing the inside temperature by up to 45%!

    Suitable for both exterior and interior, on any type of surface.


    Zenova IR

    ZENOVA IR thermal insulating coating can be used on its own or mixed with concrete and plaster for a render application to internal and external walls in commercial and residential buildings to provide immediate insulation benefits. 


    • Proprietary thermal insulation retains internal heat by greatly reducing heat transfer

    • Anti-condensation characteristics

    • Excellent adhesion to exterior brick and concrete surfaces and plasterboard for internal use

    • Very easy application with a trowel

    • Eco friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable

    • Odourless


    FSG along with Bells and Two Tones Fire and Rescue carried out a test of 2 Zenova products, a typical "film set" construction is the most prone to complete destruction if involved in fire. By using Zenova products, not only did the Zenova products save the mock-up set, it rendered the structure undamaged.

    The second video is a kitchen fire set up by Warrington Fire Research Centre talking through the positive effects the Zenova FP has on a fire scenario within a compartment.

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    The Zenova FX500 now available  

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