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Fire Services Group in conjunction with Vogt-CTE are the sole UK supplier for the Kube Pump.

This ground breaking design lifts water without a vacuum ensuring you can easily obtain a 10m lift.

Manage your operation, not your pump – The Kube engine and water pumps work reliably in almost any application and environmental situation. They can be used without problems for extended periods of time for the pumping of dirty water, flood water, oily water, sewage, and seawater.

The main feature is that the pump works without a primer and vacuum. It can therefore can run dry for some time witrhout damage to the unit. Situations like these can always occur in the field.

The Kube pumps, thanks to the patented system, deliver the water extremely fast and can achieve a 10 meter lift still generating the required pressure.


The pump systems are extremely simple and easy to use and on the other hand, are among the lightest 4-stroke units on the market.

CARE-FLARE® – Warning lights reinvented – CARE-FLARE® is a new and innovative LED safety light. It is characterized by very safe stability and quick readiness for use. The light is available with different light colors and the different light intervals can be adjusted in the simplest way. CARE-FLARE® is an extremely robust safety product with low operating costs.

CARE-FLARE® increases safety during rescue operations in traffic and on roads – CARE-FLARE® is an easy and quick to use portable LED rescue and emergency luminaire with innovative technology specifically designed to meet the requirements of rescue workers and people who spend time and work in traffic on a daily basis. Whether you’re in emergency services, military, aviation, road construction, truck driving, towing or construction, its simple and intuitive design allows for rapid deployment in emergencies at extremely low cost.

  • Safety-Flashlights

  • Warning-Flashlights

  • Emergency-Flashlights

  • Rescue-Flashlights


In situations where on-scene care takes longer or treatment and triage become difficult, the lightweight and quickly erected RIGLOO shelter tent is a valuable asset because it shields patients and rescuers from unplanned, adverse, and unnecessary influences. For setting up a RIGLOO protective shelter you usually need about one minute and apart from the supplied air pump no additional tools.


RIGLOO designs and manufactures inflatable protective shelters. RIGLOO recognized early on the urgent need for a compact, reusable medical shelter to help first responders, for example, on the side of the road, on slopes, or more generally in difficult environments.

The quickly deployable RIGLOO shelter tents protect against wind and weather in emergency situations. They support rescue personnel in improving rescue results in adverse and uncontrollable environments. RIGLOO professional protective shelters are all lightweight and backpackable to provide care in situations where conventional supplies and equipment are inadequate. They provide visual protection and allow for prolonged first-response supplies. RIGLOO shelters support the work of police, firefighters, paramedics, emergency physicians, civil defense, military, army, mountain rescuers, and many other institutions

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